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2019 Best Year Yet?

Hi Best Friend,

2019 was filled with tremendous highs and some remarkable lows. Is it possible for it to be one of the best years and one of the worst years at the same time? Come a little closer and let me share it with you.

☆ January 30- NFL honored me for the work I do in fighting domestic violence

☆ February 1- Attended the NFL Commissioners private party

☆ February 25 – received a grant from the NFL

☆ March 26 – did filming for NFL domestic violence training video AND found out we were going to be on Rachael Ray

☆ March 29 – Went to NY for the A CALL TO MEN training institute (game changer)

☆ April 4 – flew to NY to appear on The Rachael Ray Show AND she gave my daughter a $32,000 college scholarship

☆ May 17 – My daughter is on the cover of our county’s magazine

☆ May 26 – My daughter graduated from high school (once told that would be impossible)

☆ July 28 – was invited to the Carolina Panthers training camp and got to meet and speak with the players

☆ September 4 – took my daughter to college

☆ September 9 -won the Gender Justice Award

☆ October 2 – Had the Mens breakfast with over 300 people in attendance

☆ December 5 – went to New York to attend the final NFL corporate Training

Well my house went into foreclosure twice and my truck was repossessed. There are times we did not have food to eat or the necessary items to to day. Things in the house were turned off. The plumbing stopped working in the house. Then the air conditioning unit died. Sometimes the temp reached 90 degrees inside my house AND it.was not fixed all summer long. I was hospitalized with extreme stress and was diagnosed with a TIA stroke because of financial issues. On top of that, we did not celebrate Christmas with any gifts because I did not have any money to purchase gifts. This literally went on all year. When I tell you I am so ready for 2019 to go…

Sounds like a great year right?

In the midst of my these trials, I continued to serve people. There were times when I literally felt so beat down that I felt I could not Minister to someone because my own life’s challenges seemed impossible. Do you know how many times I reminded God that I would not be going through these financial crises if I had not walked away from a job, that I loved, to fight domestic violence full time? That questioning got me nowhere….

In the end, our story reached millions this year. We have educated so many people about the signs of abuse and how to get help. The testimonies that have come from our story and the trainings have been a phenomenal. Women have escaped violence, men are working towards healthy manhood and teaching other men to do so, teens have learned about healthy dating and men in batterer’s intervention programs are learning alternative Strategies for dealing with their power and control issues. God saved my house the day before it was set to go to auction (shout out to Congressman Hank Johnson’s office), got my truck back, and caused me to forge a tremendous faith in the fire and grow huge spiritual muscles.

I am ready for 2020 but I am also thankful for the lessons of 2019. On the road to purpose, you will encounter several road blocks, detours, pit stops, and stop signs. You have to keep going no matter what. If you quit, you will never see the promise. There are people that will be healed and be filled with hope because of the power of your testimony. There is something God wants you to do. Pursue it. Expect some opposition, but DON’T quit. The rewards for others and yourself are immeasurable.

💜 Kimya

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